The Service

The Energy Doctor is a consulting service for companies and individuals that have difficulty with personal energy.

Like the light spectrum above, individuals also change their energy according to their moods.

That is where expressions like "feeling blue", "tickled pink", "seeing red" or "green with jealousy" come from. Unfortunately some people get stuck in low frequency energy that has a detrimental effect on their daily life and career. Extreme examples of this are hikikomori (ひきこもり)and suicide.

The Energy Doctor consults on raising people's energy, so that they can returning to being contributing members of society.



How is this done?


This is spiritual counselling not mental training, affirmations or even positive thinking. I work with energy that might be making the individual's life difficult. After a person has been depressed for a long time or has suffered an injury, or drinks alcohol excessively, their energy can be depressed. They need help to raise it; this can't be done with medications as it often makes the person's thinking foggy. Counseling can help, but only if the counselor is aware of how to work with personal energy. It is a specialist area.


The service starts with a free initial consultation to


1) define the scope of the problem

2) agree on how to measure improvement

3) set a time limit for improvement to occur


The charge for the service is 40,000 per individual, with transportation costs.


Normally it is not necessary to meet with the individual for the consultation.

The client will receive an Assessment Report before and after the work is done.


For details, please see the Informed Consent document